"A well-oiled roots machine... Their first live album, “Rhythm & Roots,” proves that they are succeeding."
"You will immediately want to listen to all of their studio albums and book them for a tour of the Netherlands. A great album."
"The way The Mystix gives the well-known songs a pure roots treatment is spectacular."
"Anyone looking for answers to what the term Americana stands for need look no further."
Leaving listeners more than happy, in fact completely satisfied."
"The Mystix Album is definitely going to be in my top 10 best albums of 2016, and it's only May!"
DRIVE 105.3, UK

The Noise


Mystix Eyes Records
Blue Morning
10-song CD
April 2008
—Mike Loce – The Noise

As the Mystix intrudes upon my morning awakening, I really can’t grab the words at first. This band, as early morning, go-to-the-job background, well, it really leaves a space between the mind and brain. For those who work the early, or “normal” shift of slavery to acquire the monies to pay thy rent and booze, I heartily recommend this. Okay, enough weird talk, this album GROOVES in the CCR way, funky low down blues-grooves with slide guitar-really great songs that could serve as an ass-kickin’ smooth drivin’ soundtrack for some new classic American film. Real pro musician quality (whatever that may be; make your own decision) permeates every song, and I love that twangy surf guitar. These guys know how to play, and they know how to play together. It’s refreshing to hear a veteran band like this in the midst of the Boston scene. Some bands got it, and the Mystix has it and uses it.

Performer Magazine


The Mystix: Blue Morning
April 2008
—Warren Allen – PERFORMER Magazine

Boston-based band The Mystix has produced some good Southern fried soul music with the new release BLUE MORNING. Made up of Massachusetts and New York musicians, the group makes roots music with an ecstatic and loving sound. Singer and guitarist Jo Lily’s hoarse field calls practically beg to be heard in open air. He growls, purrs and shouts with a sound that isn’t quite country, isn’t quite New Orleans blues, but draws on both, with a helping of gospel thrown in.

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Blues Bites

The Mystix
Satisfy You
October 1, 2006
—Tom Hyslop – Blues Revue: The World’s Blues Magazine

Boston’s well-traveled Mystics boast vitae that include stints with Ben E. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Duke Robillard, and just about every recording artist, due to the presence of guest Crispin Cioe, saxophonist for the Uptown Horns. Singer Jo Lily, whose Eddie Hinton-esque vocal quality thrills, has for years fronted Duke & the Drivers as Sam Deluxe. Satisfy You (Mystic Eyes 322) offers a delightful range of styles, from Sam Cooke R&B (“Can’t Say Enough”) to deep soul (“Some Things About Love”) to Spanish Harlem balladry (“A Little Bit of Soap”). The title track opens the disc on an eerie, minor-key note. Uptempo numbers are scarce, with the exception of the truck-driving country of “Change My Mind” and the roots-rocker “Ding Dong.”

Southbound Beat Magazine


The Mystix
Satisfy You
October 17, 2006
—Pat Benny —Southbound Beat Magazine

. . . “Satisfy You” is a stunningly moving, brilliantly executed CD by six of the best journeymen musicians in the industry. The original compositions are indescribably powerful, emotionally exhausting and perfectly executed. The cover tunes are reborn with a depth and texture that can only be achieved when artists of this skill and experience collaborate.

This is a recording that transcends all genres, all trends and fashions. This record is hip. Visit www.sonicbids.com/TheMystics and buy this CD at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/mysticsmusic

Aiding & Abetting


December 2007
The Mystix Blue Morning (self-released)
—Aiding & Abetting

Almost 20 years ago, I took my then-new girlfriend (and now wife) down to a local joint in Columbia, Mo., and saw the Nighthawks tear up the place. The crowd was mostly thirty and forty-something townies. We’d never seen “old” people get so hot and bothered about music. I mean that literally. The folks were sweating so much that dancing became something of a Twister match. I think that was kinda the idea.

The Nighthawks still tear up the joint wherever they play. And The Mystix remind me a lot of that night years ago in Columbia, even if they and (especially) singer Jo Lily remind me a lot more of Bob Dylan’s recent output.

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And More Again

The Mystix, Blue Morning,
Mystix Eyes Records

“This is bluesy soul at its finest and least pretentious.”
—Hal Horowitz of All Music Guide on The Mystix

The Mystix frontman Jo Lily is the kind of raspy-voiced vocalist who sounds like he started smoking cigarettes and mainlining bourbon as a toddler. I mean, you wouldn’t mistake him for Tom Waits, but he could be Tom’s long-lost Boston cousin.

When a group combines rock, R&B, blues, and country, they risk coming off like just another bar band. On their follow-up to Satisfy You, this Beantown quintet succeeds in dodging that particular bullet-not as handily as Waits and crew, but close enough.

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Adeli’s Music Blog

DECEMBER 26th, 2007

The Mystix serve up a delectable mix of blues, R&B, country, and rock with Blue Morning. These musicians are at their finest, and have crafted an album full of soul that could easily become a new favorite of any music lover.

Jo Lily – the band’s front man – plays acoustic and slide guitar, and sings with the raspy voice of Tom Waits, Dr, John, and Bob Dylan. Bobby Keyes, who has recorded with greats like Jerry Lee Lewis and Ben E. King, plays guitar and his excellent skill dazzles. He can switch from funky blues style to rock riffs effortlessly. Bassist Marty Ballou and drummers, Marty Richards and Dennis McDermott, round out the Boston-based group. Keyes and Lily co-produced the CD.

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