They make even the calmer songs sound like an invitation to a pub fight

Mono Magasin by Peter Sjöblom


So sweet to see a new Mystix album!!! They don’t release much, but it’s always high quality when they do. And the new ‘I Can’t Change It’ is a bona fide gem, bridging Americana blues, soul and rock with singer Joe Lily leading the way with wisdom-laced, warmly deep vocals that sound like a mix between modern-day Bob Dylan with touches of Howlin’ Wolf and Dr. John. Joe moves from outlaw blues to smokey mood pieces to stunning, soul-searching originals enriched by his fellow Mystix plus the Mississippi Allstars and Nashville harmonica legend Charlie McCoy. That’s one dynamite roster of talent. This album, which also includes Mystix-ified covers of Dylan, Stones and Jimmy Reed tracks, is their best effort yet.
—Steve Morse, Professor of Rock History, Berklee College of Music

Anyone looking for answers to what the term Americana stands for need look no further.
—Dala-Demokraten, Sweden

The way THE MYSTIX gives the well-known songs a pure roots treatment is spectacular.
—Keys and Cords, Belgium

Jo Lily, guitarist Bobby Keyes, bassist Marty Ballou and drummer Marty Richards – sounds like the greatest swamp-rock band you never heard.
—The Boston Herald

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a steaming musical gumbo of funky New Orleans-style R&B. But Dr. John, the gris-gris man with the swamped-out voice and roiling rhythms
—Chicago Sun Times

Lily’s vocals sound uncannily like latter-day Bob Dylan and the guitars drive most of the music.
—Vintage Guitar Magazine

…the band calls its sound “music of rural America,” an inadequate title for a mix that blends genres into a sound this tasty.
—Don Wilcock Blues Revue

Can’t Change It delivers as an extraordinary 7th album!

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